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Free Stuff

I am getting rid of a LOT of stuff. If anyone in the family (or friends thereof) is interested, let me know.
Bose CD player + lots of CDs, DVDs record player and vinyl and VHS tapes

   About 10 Pendelton blankets 64×80 (queen?)

   Delft platter

   English china platter

   Nat’l Geographic Globe in stones

   Hall Tree

   Hopi Kachina dolls and dance rattle

   More Hopi Kachina dolls and dance rattle

   Corner pedestal and decorative (pair)

   English china pitcher and bowl

   Indian shield decoration

   Indian Head Dress decoration

   Indian Dream Catcher

   Indian shield decoration

   Indian Worry basket

   KitchenAid 13-cup Food Processor

   Drink Mixer

   Fondue pot

   Cuisinart Hand Mixer

   Lazy Susan for snacks/dip

   Galileo thermometer
   Also have a lot of artwork – oil paintings, watercolors, etc.
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Saunders Family

Ray (1937) & Cindi (1942)
   Robert (1962)
       Randi  (1992)   Lauren (1994)
   Scott (1993)
       Joshua (1986)
   Amy (1964)
       Jessica (1986)
           Sean (2010)   Brayden (2012)    Kylie (2014)
       Rachel (1988)
          Ella (2019)
       Amanda (1991)
       Elizabeth (1993)
          Lucas (2010)    Jacob (2021)
    Tracy (1968)
    Tim (1970)
       Emily (2019)    Abigail (2021)


Editor Emeritus: Penelope Puffbear Quivertail 2000-2014

This site contains cross-postings of my posts at Agonist.org, before it folded, since archived at Agonistas.com.

It also has a number of music videos and recipes and computer ‘war stories’.

It is affiliated with Steele Park Press.

      Joe Bageant died in 2011. He wrote “Deer Hunting With Jesus: Dispatches from America’s Class War” and “Rainbow Pie: A Redneck Memoir”. Joe’s writing was put before the public, particularly the online public by a peripatetic, cosmopolitan chap named Ken Smith. Ken was Joe’s ‘literary executor’ and Ken put together “Waltzing at the Doomsday Ball: The Best of Joe Bageant”, which Ken felt were Joe’s best 25 essays.

    Ken kept Joe’s website operational and after some issues with the hosting, was considering migrating it to WordPress. I offered to help with this and he gave me access to the data, to serve as a archive in case the conversion failed or the old website was lost permanently.

    In 2016, Ken Smith passed away. At the request of Joe’s family I have established Joebageant.org to preserve Joe’s online presence and the website now belongs to Joe’s family.

    While I am happy to help preserve Joe’s wonderful writing, I am neither young nor immortal.
Buy the books, read and savor Joe’s wit and honesty – and spread the word.

Pies and Other Good Stuff!

Pecan pie

is a type of Chess Pie, based on sugar, syrup, butter and eggs and there are many variations (including Vinegar Pie). It’s hard to find a good one in restaurants North of the Mason-Dixon Line.

The type and ratio of sugar and syrup determine how rich/hearty it turns out.
If you like extra rich, use molasses and dark brown sugar.
If you like it lighter use white Karo corn syrup and a lighter sugar.
You can experiment using honey, maple syrup, white sugar.
Traditionally pecan halves are intact but some folks like to chop and mix in, ‘decorating’ with halves around the edges. I cover the bottom of the pie crust with pecan halves. They rise to the top during baking. Continue reading

There Is Only Bacon!

Brown Sugar Bacon!

Thick-cut bacon as needed
Brown sugar as needed – I use light brown sugar but it’s up to you.
Optional: Cayenne pepper & coarse black pepper, maple syrup
Pre-heat oven to 375°
If you have a large enough pan with edges, just line it with foil.
If not, make an aluminum foil ‘pan’ with edges folded up to prevent
drippings from running out and put it on a baking sheet.
(To be safe, I usually make a 2nd foil ‘pan’ for the shelf below. I hate to mess up my oven).
Cover foil with brown sugar, need not be thick, just enough to cover.
Lay down bacon
Optional: Sprinkle LIGHTLY with pepper if desired.
Sprinkle brown sugar on top to cover bacon.
Optional: Drizzle a LITTLE maple syrup over bacon.
Bake about 20-25 minutes.
Let cool. Continue reading

Small Art

These are the small art pieces. When I get time to dig out the larger pieces, I will post those separately.

   Alaskan village

   Alaskan mother/baby

   Alicia Bailey

   Shiprock and cowboy

   Western cabin

   Western view

   Native art

   Genre – Dutch


Political Rambling

   With the rise of the Internet, and particularly Social Media, it’s difficult to avoid what I call the “soundbite syndrome”, the tendency to “discuss” issues in brief flurries of a sentence or two. Events seem to come at us so quickly as to be overwhelming. Before we can thoroughly marshal our thoughts on one issue, we find three more clamoring for our attention. I sometimes try to take a step back and get a long view of the situation. This is one such attempt.
Continue reading