Some more photos are up, here. We return home tomorrow, at around 1100pm, although I haven’t looked at the tickets yet. I’ll write more from home and put up some more video then. I’ve taken a lot.

The highlight of the trip for me was seeing the Jade Gate way out in the desert. Yangshuo is always wonderful, and so is the Great Wall. Kashgar is like the Wild West, but there was just something about the emptiness, the silence, the whistling of the wind that moves me. It was the only place during the trip where I was moved, where I did have chills, where I wanted to stay and really feel the place. No such luck as it is too far from the closest town.

Another time, perhaps, or another place (more likely) it’s a big world and I am still not done seeing it.

I really am blown away by the growth in China, in just five years. It’s astonishing and has far surpassed my expectations. I’ll be saying a lot more about this when I return too. China does have it’s problems, but it is tackling them. That redounds to its credit.

I wish our leadership were tackling our real problems, not the phantom ones.

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